January 4, 2018 - Comments Off on Meet the Energy Module!

Meet the Energy Module!


To optimize our existing modules, we are currently in the works of developing two Energy Modules! The first one will act as a ‘Back-Up” or “Supplementary” energy capacity unit to mitigate the risks of power outages and reduce grid energy usage. The second one will help take your Modular Farm “Off-Grid” by allowing farmers the option to run farms entirely with renewable energy.

The root of our development starts with an audit of our existing module components and how we use them. In order to create an effective renewable energy solution for Modular Farms, it is important to break down the actual requirements of one by looking into how the interior and exterior climate affects the electrical consumption of our farms. Specialized electrical meters and externally-mounted weather stations are critical and are being monitored and analyzed for data.

At this time, we are expecting to collect data from our Calgary, Toronto and Sudbury farms for another 2-3 months before we proceed into building our beta Energy Module.

Excited? We are too! Stay tuned to see updates on its development.

Published by: Jesse Brito in Farm Resources, News

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