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Grower’s Guide: Salanova Lettuce & Oregano


Summer has kicked in and it’s time to start heading outside and begin backyard gardening! Over here at Modular Farms, we’ve been experimenting with different food trials and have plenty of new cultivars to share. In this month’s grower’s guide, we are highlighting Salanova Lettuce and Oregano!  See how these foods are thriving in our towers and learn about how we take it from seedling to first harvest.

Salanova Lettuce

Tell us this is not the most picture-perfect lettuce head you’ve seen? This head of Salanova is densely packed with baby-sized leaves and is known to have three times more leafy greens than the standard lettuce head. Prepping this leafy green is easy in the kitchen. All you have to do is make one cut near the base and all the leaves will separate – hence why it is also known as the one-cut ready lettuce. In our Modular Farms, it typically takes seven to eight weeks to go from seedling to first harvest, generating a yield of 100g per head. We grow it in a colder environment with medium to low humidity levels. This is important as this cultivar can go through a phase called thermal dormancy (high heat hibernation), where its growth becomes halted when it gets too hot. Nonetheless when it’s contained in the most optimal growing environment, its fast-growing period, large yield, bite-sized leaves and structure makes it one of the most efficient crops to grow.


Fresh oregano makes the dried alternative most are familiar with seem mild. Known for its aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste, Oregano is one of the most commonly used culinary herbs in Greek and Italian cooking. It can be harvested and hung upside down to dry out of direct light for the most optimal flavour. With a similar herbaceous potency to Rosemary, Oregano is best matched with equally strong flavours like lemon or garlic for balance. When looking at the plant, it has small, slightly fuzzy rounded leaves, making them very susceptible to humidity. In our Modular Farms, it takes eight to nine weeks to go from seedling to first harvest. Typically, it's harvested just before the flowers begin to bloom, when the flavour and aroma are at its peak. Oregano is a fair to warm weather crop.  At Modular Farms, it’s grown in a warmer zone with higher air flow and canopy growth distribution.


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