The Primary Module The foundation of the modular farm system.


The Primary Module is the ultimate high-volume container farm. Engineered to support the highest quality of plant health and efficient growing, the Primary Module is capable of industry leading harvest yields. The Primary Module also comes packed with an extensive list of automation tools, advanced climate controls, quality-of-life features and customization options that allow the farm to operate practically anywhere and anytime in the world.

The Modular Farm is constructed from a 40’ x 10’ x 10’ pre-fabricated composite steel container. It weighs approximately 5,500kgs and has an insulation value of R22-R35. The container interior can simulate different growing environments for a range of plant growing arrangements. Each system is equipped with stainless steel workspaces and enamel-coated and mold-resistant structures. There is no use of powder-coat inside our farms as, other than the subframe on the exterior, aluminum LED curtain rollers and circulation fan mounting brackets, all materials used are food-safe.

The Complete Package

A single Primary Module is a fully-functional and financially viable business. This Module comes with everything you need to get started on your agricultural venture.

Unprecedented Modularity

The Primary Module interfaces with our fleet of 7 complimentary and connectable farming modules. Mix and match modules for greater crop selection, optimized ROI and maximum sustainability.

Get Growing

Farms can be setup to accommodate several crops and designed specifically to suit your project. The Primary Module can also be setup to grow more than one crop at a time to maximize the variety of fruits and vegetables. Our team can work with you to create the maximum yield for your project’s goal.

Feature Packed and
Ready to Grow

Purpose-Built LEDs

Customizable, slim profile, 2-sided LEDs are built from decades of research and testing. A lower BTU, or heat signature, means less wasted heat to disperse. Field tests resulting in superior plant flavor and increased plant density means knowledge and performance beyond PAR.

Real Climate Control

A truly controlled environment results in consistently uniform and productive crop yields. The staged climate control system significantly reduces energy consumption and equipment usage. Air-homogenization delivers the perfect environment at every moment

Sustainable Farming

A hydroponic, closed-loop system uses 95% less water than a typical outdoor farm with similar yields. Energy efficient and adjustable components use less than 30% of the energy of a large soil-based farm with similar yields. Less than 5% crop loss means consistent yields for customers.

Space Efficient

The Primary Module has 240 8’ ZipGrow Towers capable of supporting over 3,800 growing sites. Plus, the nursery can seed an additional 3,600 plants. The additional 2’ of width over a traditional shipping container allows for four rows of growing towers, less labor to operate a farm and better farmer ergonomics.

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Experience, Earn, Eat and Enjoy
The Difference

Optimal Plant Health

Built from the ground up focused on plant health and plant health alone. Every aspect of the design, from the HVAC controls to the LED lighting technology, to air flow, to the hydroponic system controls are designed in order to ensure plants grow as quickly and as perfectly as possible.

Excellent Farmer ROI

Healthy plants mean farmers can grow and sell more greens from our container than a same sized 40 foot shipping container. Our container farm is custom built with insulated composite panels to ensure it can be located in any climate on earth, from Arctic cold to Saharan heat.

Modules & Flexibility

The system is designed to include add-on modules to help farmers expand their business, or to help make the farms more sustainable.

A scaleable and interconnected farm system built to accomodate virtually any-sized growing operation.

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