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Now Hiring: Farm Assembly Technician


Modular Farms is looking to hire a flexible and motivated Farm Assembly Technician to join our team at our Chesterville, Ontario location on a 4 month contract with the potential to lead into a permanent position. We're looking for someone who is passionate about agriculture and technology and someone who is looking to grow alongside our quickly expanding company.

This opportunity will start with 15-40 hours a week for the first 4 weeks, leading to a full-time position following that. The candidate must be willing to work full time immediately if needed as well.

Projects, Responsibilities and Problem Solving Tasks to Expect:

Our ideal ‘Farm Assembly Technician’ will have access to a full suite of skills related to hands-on assembly of complex systems. No need to have built vertical farm technology in the past. We’d gladly employ someone who knows how to rebuild an engine, erect a timber structure, wire a building or build a mean Lego Deathstar in record time. A true jack-of-all-trades ability or mindset would best fit our needs.

This team member will not only be able to work with direction in steel component assembly, light plumbing and carpentry, but also appreciate the opportunity to lead projects with their own ideas and initiatives when given the opportunity. Experience with, or willingness to learn, how to read blueprints is a must. All of our Team Members MUST be self-starters. We do terminate bad hires promptly so come to impress.

Tasks might include;

  • Assembling a fertigation table (look it up) and installing its associated electrical and irrigation components,
  • Running irrigation lines under equipment and on ceilings,
  • Programming (with training) farm automation hardware and software,
  • Installing overhead HVAC hardware and occasionally ducting,
  • Joining our Engineering Department in creative and constructive conversations about Farm design and assembly,
  • Heavy lifting and standing, bending and crouching most of the day is common,
  • Regional, and occasionally international, travel for farm installations and commissioning,
  • And more.

This position has the potential for promotion and expansion into other areas of our business.

We Want to Work With Someone Who Is:

First of all, we’re really looking for someone who understands what working with a start-up is all about. Whether you’re our Farm Assembly Technician, Sales Manager or CEO, we all want to, and know how to, answer the phone, harvest produce and pick up a broom when needed.

We’re deeply passionate about building solutions for vertical farmers all over the world and love spending time learning everything we can about farming indoors, and out. It’s our mission to redefine the global food distribution model one farm at a time. And we’re not afraid to laugh and cry about it along the way.

Late-night cram sessions aren’t commonplace, but they can happen. Delivery pizza and beverage is included when the occasion calls for it.

Please don’t mind the music when it plays across the office. And our CEO’s dogs can sometimes show up for work. Hope you’re not allergic.

Please don’t take yourself too seriously, we certainly don’t. And appreciate the fact that as a team, we are helping small farmers and large companies around the world feed people in their communities

Here are Some Perks and Insights That Make Our Company a Great Place to Work:

Every position is an entry-level position right now. You can only move up. Well, unless there’s no hope for you.

We don’t have health benefits just yet, but we’re working on it.

We’re growing faster than we, and most people, can comprehend. It seems like our product and our market strategy is hitting all the right chords. We may be a fairly new start-up but things are looking promising.

Other Information That Might be Helpful to Know:

The Farm Assembly Technician will be provided all the tools necessary to complete tasks at hand.

Though the Modular Farms office is in Chesterville, we work closely with team members in Alexandria, Toronto and Australia. You may be asked to spend time with Team members at other locations from time to time but don’t worry, we’re all pretty chill and fun to be with. Yes, that might mean travel to Australia and Asia though no promises at this time.

We don’t want someone to join us for the sake of having a job. We want to connect with people who will share our passion of food security and distribution and believe we are providing a part of the solution.

In short, if you’ve got the skills we seek and truly care about local food, please apply. Chances are we’ll get along well.

How to Apply:

Please e-mail your cover letter and resume directly to info@modularfarms.co. Candidates will be notified by e-mail if selected for an interview.

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