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Modular Farms Newsletter May 2017



We're terribly sorry that it's taken us so long to update our newsletter, but we can assure you it's for good reason. March and April of 2017 have easily been the most tumultuous months in the history of our young company. However, the result was well worth the effort, as we've been overjoyed to see our neophyte class of Modular Farmers receive their Primary Modules and begin the process of enriching their communities with locally grown produce all year round!

The lucky recipients of our first commercial Modular Farm are the Vertically Fresh team, based in Calgary, Alberta. After being trained by the Smart Greens team in Cornwall last month, their Master Farmer Jamie has since put her new skills to good use, by mothering her first set of Basil, Kale, and Lettuce seedlings.

In a few weeks, these seedlings will mature and be ready for transplant into their respective ZipGrow towers, which for Calgarians means that the availability of locally grown, non-GMO, pesticide free, produce is right around the corner!

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The second commercial Modular Farm that came off our production line has recently been unloaded in the wonderful town of Sudbury, Ontario. Once fully operational, it will officially be the second Smart Greens network farm in existence and mark the expansion of the brand outside the Ottawa Valley for the first time.

We're extremely proud of how far the Smart Greens brand has come. From their humble beginnings in Cornwall over 3 years ago, they have since grown and flourished into one of Canada's premiere local food brands. We are excited to see their logo find a home in more and more grocery stores, restaurants, and kitchens across the country for years to come.

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For those of you reading this that have fantasized about owning and operating a Modular Farm in Canada, but simply can't afford the upfront costs, we have some exciting news. With the help of a newly forged partnership with National Leasing, we are proud to announce that we can now offer affordable leasing payments for our Primary Modules.

We want to see everyone that has a passion for enriching their community with better, locally sourced food have the ability to do so, and we feel that eliminating the upfront cost will be the catalyst. If you count yourself as one of these visionaries, don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team to see if you qualify for a leasing option.

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Last but not least, we'd like to once again finish off the newsletter by bringing you up to speed with everything we've been up to the last couple of months via a short time-lapse video. As you can see we've been busier than ever building, shipping and installing farms for our first sets of customers, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We've also taken great strides in advancing the diversity of crops that can be successfully cultivated in our Modular Farm and have begun finalizing the designs for our international Primary Module unit. We are very hopeful that we will soon see the first set of Modular Farms successfully make their way overseas and into the hands of farmers all over the world!


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