June 29, 2018 - Comments Off on Modular Farms Moves into Autodesk’s Technology Centre in the Mars District

Modular Farms Moves into Autodesk’s Technology Centre in the Mars District


Modular Farms has landed in the MaRS District at Autodesk’s new Technology Centre! Our Toronto Engineering and Research & Development teams made the big move last month. We’re very excited to innovate and elevate the farming experience in such an amazing space, continuing to build towards a fresh, forward, and sustainable future.

Residency in the Toronto Technology Centre allows for Modular Farms to continue R&D in a space designed for pushing the boundaries in manufacturing and thought incubation. Autodesk provides innovation and prototyping space to bring our R&D products to fruition. The tools allow us to put our ideas into practice, and it’s a great opportunity for collaboration with other like-minded companies and organizations who are also building and innovating in the future-tech space. We are excited to work with the experts at Autodesk as they advise us in how to best use the tools at our disposal. The move allows us to see fresh perspectives on things from other bright minds in the MaRS network.

Modular Farms is currently working on innovations in growing media and water delivery systems to optimize efficiency, increase plant health, and decrease power consumption. These of which will hopefully be integrated into our farms soon. Successful optimization and innovation will help push and shape our future designs and functionality.

The Technology Centre is located in the MaRS Discovery District, one of the world's largest urban innovation hubs. Autodesk is a research space located within MaRS and is a hub for innovators who want to collaborate with other scientists, academia and government to commercialize discoveries. Autodesk currently occupies 60,000 square feet in the MaRS district and houses over 250 Autodesk team members. The centre is a street level design sandbox that enables members to create with 3D and robotic technologies.

We can’t wait to collaborate and share ideas with other leaders in emerging technology and we’re especially excited to push our own research and development further and faster than ever before.


Learn more about Autodesk and the space at MaRS at www.autodesk.com/toronto

Have a question? Contact us at sales@modularfarms.co or read our FAQ section.


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