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Modular Farms at DX:EDIT!


From September 28th to October 8th, the leaders of tomorrow came together in Toronto to discuss how to make the world a better place. Produced by the Design Exchange, the Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology, or EDIT, is centered around design projects that focus on addressing and solving global issues.

Located at the former Unilever soap factory in the studio district, the abandoned factory was designed to accommodate the 125 speakers, 40 workshops, and thousands of guests. Each of the five floors in the factory featured a multitude of companies that represented one of EDIT’s five themes: nourish, shelter, care, educate and the overachieving message of prosperity for all. Whether it’s smog free towers, insect edibles, portable sun lamps or prosthetic arms, every panel on display addressed and discussed their impact and contribution to society through their design projects.

EDIT began when president and CEO of Design Exchange, Shauna Levy, saw a video about United Nations Development Programme’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development titled, “We The People”. Moved by the message, she sought to create a movement where people can get inspired by those who are trying to inspire and make a difference.

“For virtually my entire professional life, it has been my mission to improve the accessibility and popular understanding of design,” Levy said. “For me these goals – from building infrastructure and cities to protecting ocean life – are design challenges.”

We were located on the second floor in the “shelter/cities” section, and demonstrated how our Modular Farms can transform the traditional method of farming and how it can help grow quality produce in nearly any climate and region. We were honoured to present alongside other companies in specialized fields such as app-enhanced farming, intelligent waste management infrastructure and gardens designed to improve quality of life by increasing their city-state’s green footprint.

A diverse variety of keynote speakers were present to motivate and discuss their respected fields throughout the 10 days. Some of these influencers included eco-icon David Suzuki, drone genius Julielynn Wong, eternal optimist Bruce Mau, and food futurist Erin Kim. These speakers have been a part of some of the most innovative and boldest solutions for making cities across the globe more creative, resilient and inclusive.

This event curated by world leaders is one to encourage dialogue and inspire new thinking. By transforming thought, we can change the way we work and Modular Farms is proud to say that we are dedicated to improving our world’s way of thinking, especially when it comes to ending world famine.


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