September 30, 2017 - Comments Off on Meet The Vestibule Module!

Meet The Vestibule Module!


The Vestibule Module is a bridge unit add-on that allows farmers to walk from one module to another without altering the controlled temperature in each. Farmers can operate in different areas without stepping outside, meaning the module acts as a climate barrier for crops. Climate control is crucial as it results in a more consistently uniform and productive crop yield. A well-maintained climate system reduces energy consumption by up to 50%.

The Modular Farms team continues its work on new modules, and the Vestibule Module will act as the main connector for all of them. This add-on is ideal for farmers who are trying to scale up by installing more modules into their farm. Using the Vestibule Module helps keep outside air pollution and bugs away from crops. The additional space from the Vestibule also allows more storage areas. Farmers can store additional tools, or even create a small indoor office space, steps away from the ZipGrow towers.

With several modules in the works, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on what’s next. The Vestibule Module is available NOW. Interested? Get in touch!


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