August 23, 2017 - Comments Off on How Spectra Blade LED Lighting is Helping Your Farm Grow to New Heights

How Spectra Blade LED Lighting is Helping Your Farm Grow to New Heights


It’s no secret that using LED lighting has completely changed the agricultural world.

Whether it’s greenhouses, warehouses or container modules, farmers everywhere who’ve chosen to farm indoors were those looking to avoid common problems they’ve have faced since the beginning of time. This is where LEDs come in. The ability to save on electricity, become a replacement for natural outdoor lighting as well as being able to customize the colouring to yield better, healthier results have resulted in brands such as Intravision’s Spectra Blades being our number one choice for grow lights. .

Indoor farms first began using fluorescent lighting before eventually making the switch to LEDs. While Spectra Blades costs more upfront, it’s been seen inside our modular farms that the system has several key long-term cost-saving advantages. For example, inside a Modular Farm container, the HVAC system cools the area but does not require heat at all. The plants and the heat generated from the lights have proven to be more than enough to keep the farm warm. Thanks to these multi-functional lights, the climate-controlled system has practically removed the cost of power and heating – a fact no farmer could overlook.


Traditional faming requires intensive consideration into growing seasons and their effects on potential crop growth. For cities with extreme weather conditions like smoldering desert heat or freezing winters, there is only be a small window of opportunity each year for farmers to grow their crops, if any at all. Fortunately, variable LED lighting has proven to be an effective answer for artificial season control.

With the Spectra Blade LEDs, farmers no longer need authentic light to grow their plants, and as such they are able to completely change the dynamic rules of farming. This in turn, allows for adaptability of vertical farming solutions such as our Zipgrow towers. For many farmers new and old-alike, this was the solution they needed to an ever-growing problem of not possessing enough land for their crops.

Intravision stands out from other grow light companies by designing a double-sided lighting array which allows LEDs on both sides of the tower – making it even easier to grow more crops in a closed environment, thus yielding more results and increasing a farmer’s return on investment (ROI). Their silicone-potting mix covers the LEDs making the lighting system waterproof – exactly what farmers would need when trying to optimize their vertical field of greens.


As mentioned, other types of lights were used before LEDs became the ideal choice for indoor farming. What caused them to be the primary option was the ability to control and alter the intensity and variety of colours of light being emitted to the crops. Intravision focuses on spectrum variable LED lights for their Spectra Blades to biologically control plant responses to specific wavelengths, resulting in optimized plant production practices such as shorter cycles of growth and optimal yield results.

Adaptability to each crop, replacing sunlight completely, as well as it being an economically sound investment are just a few of the many benefits to using a spectra blade equipped modular farm. These sort of LED lighting and their ability to address multiple common farming gripes is the reason more and more farmers are opting to choose the new method of farming versus the traditional, riskier way of growing their crops. Intravision has done their due diligence and worked with scientists to ensure that these sunlight-alternates are highly effective in growing not only the best of plants, but also at potentially quicker speeds, resulting in a higher ROI for farmers everywhere.

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